Exchange and Return

Ourivesaria Dólar accepts exchanges of already acquired products and allows returns if confirmed the following conditions:


- It must be done until a maximum of 14 days, starting to count from the moment of reception of the purchased articles;

- the motives for exchange/return must be described and the proof of purchase must also be sent

- the products, in order to be returned/exchanged, must be sent back to Dólar Jewelry to be submitted to an evaluation of their state;


In the case of return/exchange, Dólar Jewelry will bear the following costs:


- price payed by the client and shipping costs from the order

- The client is responsible for the payment of the return shipping costs and insurance.


Dólar Jewelry can deny the exchange/return of products every time those products show anomalies or changes in their state before sale, verified in the evaluation that is done when the products that are supposed to be exchanged/returned are sent back to Dólar Jewelry.


Dólar Jewelry does not allow cash refunds of the amount spent by the client (all the costs referring to the moment of purchase, shipping costs, shipping costs payed to send back the products to Dólar Jewelry and insurance).

In case of exchange/return, the total amount spent by the client will be credited in their account for future purchases.

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