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Define whether the evaluation you need is a formal or informal one (see definition below). Mention this information in your form / email.


Fill in the form below or send an email to with the information of the item, type of evaluation, urgency, etc.


Wait for confirmation of your evaluation. The same can be done by email or by telephone, depending on your preference, and on one of our stores or how you may find convenient.

Formal Evaluation

For the purposes of sharing, testaments, where the issuance of an evaluation certificate and the listing of the market value is needed. This evaluation is subject to the payment of a variable fee, by being issued by an Official Evaluator whose powers are defined and stated by INCM.

Free Informal Evaluation

For the purpose of selling or consigning a limited number of pieces, Ourivesaria Dollar carries out free evaluations by appointment.

To book an evaluation or request information on this matter, you can send an email to , visit one of our stores or fill out the form below.

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