At Ourivesaria Dolar we are proud to be able to contribute to a more sustainable world through our operations. We know that the industry in which we operate is one of the most polluting in the world and, therefore, we increasingly emphasize the importance of buying vintage.

There is nothing more sustainable than buying something vintage, something that has been given a second or perhaps third chance to live, to dazzle and something that leaves each buyer with a mark in its history.

At Ourivesaria Dolar we work daily to create a sustainable luxury experience that conveys exclusivity, but at the same time, makes our customers feel that they are contributing to a better world.

Buying vintage means reducing waste, contributing to a continuity of the product's life cycle, preserving the history and legacy that the unique pieces we sell have, and it means investing in something timeless, with soul and history.

At Ourivesaria  Dolar apart to honor all these values, we decided to act in a more direct way, proceeding to metal recycling, which helps reusing the raw materials for the production of new parts and contributes to the reduction of waste.


At Ourivesaria Dolar we work daily to build and transmit to our customers an exclusive experience. At a time when we are watching  so many changes in the industry and the inconsistency of the consumer behavior, at Ourivesaria Dolar we understand the importance of offering unique and special pieces, which allow our customers to feel exclusive and distinguish themselves. Our pieces are not mass produced, do not meet extreme timings, cannot be seen in thousands of people: they are unique and seek to convey a touch of exclusivity that only vintage holds.


At Ourivesaria Dolar, one of our values is reflected in the desire to offer our customers pieces with history, with soul. More than offering large quantities of product or doing it with great speed, we prefer to dedicate ourselves to the search for unique pieces that make our customers fall in love with the exclusivity and personality of each one.

Buying vintage means making a statement, it means being at the forefront of change and affirming your own style as something unique, special. Thus, at Ourivesaria Dolar we want to be able to help our customers to affirm their personality and for that, we work hard to find the best pieces that can match their personal style.


At Ourivesaria Dolar we offer unique and rare pieces from different periods of history, from pieces that accompanied the post-war period to modern pieces that mirror the changes in contemporary consumer behavior.

Our constant search for vintage gold items has placed Ourivesaria Dólar on the mark for all the traditional vintage gold collectors and lovers.  

It is our goal to honor and preserve the renowned and ancient art of the production of jewelry and watchmaking, granting our customers the possibility to collect pieces of a unique technical specificity.


Ourivesaria Dolar is recognized in the market for its professionalism, transparency and demand. Because we have lived several phases since our existence, we have learned to adapt to the modern consumer and their needs, and by selling high-value parts, we understand the importance of credibility for our customers. We understand the need to assure them that we are a transparent and credible company, whose legacy of 50 years in the market has taught us to be humble and to act righteously.

To always ensure enormous credibility in our services, we have increased our performance: we have become Official Evaluators of the National Mint; our evaluation services include the presence of a Gemologist specialized in Diamonds and colorful stone and a specialist in Numismatic; we integrate partnerships with National Trade Unions and Associations to share knowledge and contribute to the improvement and growth of the used goods trade segment in Portugal.

Beyond borders, our performance has also been strong, we participate in international watchmaking and vintage jewelry fairs, we participate in auctions recognized worldwide and we offer our products in the international market through several platforms (Chrono 24, etc.).

At Ourivesaria Dolar we want to ensure that the service we provide is as credible as possible, and we work daily to earn this title.

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