Our history

Lisbon 1967. Ourivesaria Dolar appears in Praça da Figueira, a dream of 2 friends who wished to make Portugal internationally recognized in the area of ​​luxury jewelry and watchmaking. At the time, it was not normal to have customers who were not from Lisbon, but the bet, since the beginning of the pair, on decorative silver items: salves, services, cutlery, cutlery, chandeliers, ashtrays, etc. allowed Ourivesaria Dolar to have customers from the most diverse areas of the country.

Lisbon 2008 . Ourivesaria Dolar, already an institution in society, remains in the family, despite all the difficulties that the market faces. The strength and will of the 2nd generation of the family, propels Ourivesaria Dolar to embrace a new project, venturing into a new area: the sale of vintage pieces in real extinction: traditional Portuguese gold; decoration silverware with contrasts from the 19th century. XVIII, XIX and XX and unique luxury watches.

Lisbon 2017. Ourivesaria Dolar celebrates 50 years of operation in the market, being distinguished by the Union of Associations of Commerce and Services of Lisbon with the attribution of the Golden Emblem. 50 years later, Ourivesaria Dolar continues to excel in the quality of its service associated with the availability of unique pieces, maintaining a synonym of excellence and credibility in the market.

50 years later, Ourivesaria Dolar begins its journey in the digital world, a project headed by the 3rd generation of the family. 50 years later Ourivesaria Dolar remains united and strong, always in a family environment

Where to find us

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