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Privacy Policy

Dólar Jewelry respects the privacy of their clients and, for that reason, does not collect or manage, any personal data without them being given to Dólar Jewelry, by the person concerned.

Therefore, all our transactions are safe and our clients’ data is protected.

The only information automatically collected and stored by Dólar Jewelry during the normal functioning of the website, is the typical information related to the server’s activity. This information is used to generate statistics and to measure the website’s activity for the benefit of the users.

No information is sold or shared with third party.

In case of doubt about the authenticity of the contrast marks, you can access, for verification aspects, the services of contrastaria "https://www.icm.pt/portal/contactos.jsp”


The contents of this website can only be used for personal information.

This means that you can visualize, copy, print and distribute any document here published by Dólar Jewelry, unless you are doing it with the purpose of commercializing the content. When distributing the content, you must refer to Dólar Jewelry and, all the copyright messages and other mentioned aspects regarding author rights must be kept.


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Every and any use of the company’s logo, name, texts, images and software is forbidden, except in the conditions mentioned in the website.

The non-authorized usage and distribution of any material of this website can be object of legal or criminal punishment, regarding the applicable laws.

Information Policy

Dólar Jewelry does not commit to regularly update the information and materials in the website. The changes in the information can be done, at any time, without previous notification.

Dólar Jewelry is not, in any occasion, responsible for losses, direct or indirect, resulting from the usage or impossibility of usage of this website and his content.

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